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  • Hikobayu shop

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    Niseko Ethereal Fir

    Scent of Niseko Ethereal

    This sustainably collected and organically distilled  essential oil contains the essence of Niseko Ethereal Fir, which is shown in research done by Japanese  universities to both purify air and act as a relaxation agent. Take the scent of Niseko home with you today. 
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    White Birch Accesaties

    Symbolic tree of Niseko

    white birch bark is a material which is said last 100 years in Scandinavian culture. White birch bark was collected only from in our managed forest in Niseko. inspiration of healthy and ephemeral birch 's life essence.

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    White birch Hippo

    Art work sometimes.Shirakaba is White birch in Japanese."Shirakaba" is a word also divided into the two Japanese words "white and Hippo"....  
  • About us

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    Representive / Kayoko Sawada

    Return the favor to nature

    I was moved from Tokyo because of the natural beauty and richness of Niseko.I am grateful that I have put myself in nature and learned various things about the cycle, Happiness of the world and what is in my heart. Originally Hikobayu is founded by a combination of a nurse and a hairdresser. In addition to product production, We also enter the forest and engage in activities such as effective use of resources and education of woods. We hope to provide Niseko with the blessings of nature and an attitude of consideration for the environment.

  • Change abandoned forests into treasure


    What is our Sustainable Forestry


    Make Trail

    We figure the shape, geology, and flood control theories of the each mountains through field surveys. and making “unbreakable forest trail” that are strong against disasters and do not burden the environment.



    Thinning proper situation of forest growth. It's a method that maximizes timber volume from a long term perspective.achieving economic circulation and environmental conservation at the same time.


    Improve value

    Keep continue thinning activity using unbreakable road. to maximize value oh forest per area. Connect resources as an assets to future generations.


    Effective use

    Accessible forests are able to bring people. It is also a space that can be enjoyed for various purposes such as forest therapy and activities.

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